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Hard Work

Jeremy Evans was instilled with the value of hard work at a young age. He saw his father work the family farm and run his law practice and his mother worked in the school cafeteria. Jeremy believes in working hard and serving others. Since being elected as Clerk of Court in 2011 he’s expanded existing services and brought new services throughout DeSoto Parish in the Clerk’s office. He’s opened a full-service satellite office in Stonewall that has the same services as the main office in Mansfield. He’s implemented E-File services for mortgage and conveyance records so those records can be accessed online, instead of having to make a special trip to the Clerk’s Office. He’s also put E-search stations in the Pelican Library and the Logansport Library as well as adding new services to obtain same day birth and death certificates, and he cut through the red tape to become a full-service passport acceptance facility in the Mansfield office. Since day one he’s been a hands-on, sleeves rolled-up, working clerk.  


Community Service

Jeremy was introduced to the value of community service from childhood and he’s continued that value as Clerk of Court. Some of his earliest childhood memories are watching his grandmother and grandfather serve the people of DeSoto Parish as a nurse in the DeSoto Parish Health Unit and his grandfather as Constable. Jeremy and his staff tirelessly serve the community through their public outreach projects. Jeremy and his staff hold voter registration drives at all DeSoto Parish schools throughout the year to allow those students old enough the opportunity to register to vote. He and his staff hold mock elections with real voting machines to familiarize students with the actual voting process and ensure they understand how a voting machine works. The Clerk’s Office offers summer courses geared to those interested in working in the upcoming elections; this allows them to receive the training they need. Jeremy has also implemented student worker programs for DeSoto Parish kids to learn and familiarize themselves with the services offered by the Clerk of Court and provide a possible career path to those interested.  Jeremy serves his community on a daily basis. He makes a point to visit with everyone either in a coffeeshop, restaurant, nursing home, or even while attending church services to ensure their needs are being met. His accessibility and passion to the people of DeSoto Parish is unparalleled. 



As early as he can remember, Jeremy was taught to treat everyone fairly and equally. His parents implanted a strong sense of fairness and equality in Jeremy while growing up on the family farm in the Evelyn/Pelican community. It was instilled in Jeremy to always put others first. Jeremy’s commitment to fairness and treating others the way he wants to be treated helped him build a successful business in Evans Land Company and propelled him to Clerk of Court in 2011. Jeremy has a long history of coalition building by bringing people together from a multitude of different backgrounds and walks of life in order to complete common objectives. As Clerk of Court, Jeremy has ensured fairness and equality in his staff and all who come to the Clerk’s Office seeking help. Today, the Clerk’s Office, under Jeremy’s leadership, truly reflects our DeSoto Parish family. Jeremy is proud of the fact that each member of his staff is from a different part of DeSoto Parish, making it a truly representative office. His main responsibility is to be a good steward of the public record and protect its integrity, he’s done this through fairness and equality for all under the law. 

Helping Others

Jeremy has always enjoyed helping others. He’s based his life and career on service to others. He enjoys being able to lend a helping hand to those in need. He’s made the Clerk’s Office about helping people and being a friendly face to turn to when someone is faced with the daunting task of needing any of the multitude of services offered in the Clerk’s Office. Jeremy’s strong desire to serve others was the driving force for him to seek office. His rural upbringing in DeSoto Parish played a major role to his commitment to his community. His commitment to the community as a child was always being ready to help out a neighbor, whether it was fixing fence, giving a ride, or chasing down cows that had gotten out, he and his family were always there to help. Jeremy will continue his tradition of service to others as Clerk of Court. His main goal as Clerk, since Day 1, is to put the people of DeSoto Parish first. He has ensured his staff represents these same values of putting the people of DeSoto Parish first. 

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