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Experience Matters.

As Clerk of Court, Jeremy Evans is a tireless advocate for the people of DeSoto Parish. Donate now to KEEP HIM IN OFFICE!

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A Lifetime of
Dedicated Service

Meet Haus Anchor

Jeremy Evans is a dedicated public servant who grew up on a small family farm in southern DeSoto Parish. His upbringing instilled in him the values of hard work, helping others, and fairness, as well as a strong commitment to his community. Today, Jeremy is not only a proud father and husband but also the founder of a small business and the current DeSoto Parish Clerk of Court. 

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I grew up on a small family farm right here in DeSoto Parish. Now I'm raising my own family here. That's why I've dedicated my career to making DeSoto Parish a better place for all of us... because DeSoto is who we are.
                                                          - Jeremy

A Record of Success

Throughout his career, Jeremy has remained dedicated to putting the values from his childhood into action and working for the greater good. As the DeSoto Parish Clerk of Court, he has focused on putting the needs of the people first. Jeremy Evans continues to be an unwavering advocate for the people of DeSoto Parish, working tirelessly to improve their quality of life and access to important services. His dedication to his community and the values he learned growing up on the family farm continue to guide his actions as he serves the people of DeSoto Parish. 

Updated and Implemented New Technology to make 

the Clerk's Office more accessible to everyone

Opened satellite offices around Desoto to bring the 

Clerk's Office closer to all

Made the Clerk’s Office a One Stop Shop for passports, 

birth certificates, and other important documents

Operates the Clerk's Office in a fiscally conservative 

manner and consistently grows capital reserve funds

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Anyone can talk, but results pay the bills.
- Jeremy

Get Involved
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Help Out

Jeremy Evans has a long record of dedicated service to DeSoto Parish, and he needs YOUR help to keep it going. Whether it's $50 or $500, every dollar counts in an election this close. Chip in NOW to keep him in office!



Questions, comments, or suggestions? Jeremy wants to hear from you! Reach out to him at...


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